AYSO U5 2013

Today was Jacob’s last soccer game.  So thankful and sad at the same time that it’s over.

For a kid that’s not even 5, it sure is a lot of work playing a sport!  With practices during the week and games every Saturday…..it was a hectic time!   And this is only playing ONE sport!  I don’t know how parents do sports, piano, korean classes, and taekwondo all at the same time!  I’m lucky if I can get him to practice on time….

Last week I was able to take a few shots during the game.  (Sorry, didn’t have time to edit them so please don’t mind the color imbalance!)

There’s my #4 in the orange cleats!IMG_0159

A little practice before the game


Get the ball!!!!!



Goooooo Hot Tamales!!!IMG_0137


Jacob scored the most beautiful goal today!  And no one got it on video.  =(    But Paul sure was one, happy dad!  Made him so proud. =)

It was fun and interesting to see Jacob play a team sport for the first time.  I must say, I saw him grow exponentially within a few months.  I hope he continues to love soccer!  Can’t wait for the next season!  Onto ice hockey!!

Halloween 2013

What a busy but FUN week!

This week marked the end of my first year as a grad student!  Year one….DONE!!!  Yeah-yeah!!!  1.2 more years to go…..

This week also marks my last week with my students.  Next week, I will be transitioning into the office full time until April.  It was very bittersweet saying goodbye to my students.  I definitely will miss teaching them but am so grateful for this new opportunity!

In the midst of all these transitions, we had a fun week visiting a pumpkin patch, hanging out with family, and trick or treating with friends!  Jacob had so much fun this year!  He kept saying on the way home, “I love you so much.  I had so much fun!”  Last night when we were leaving my niece’s house, Jacob and Ali hugged each other and said, “I will miss you so much.”  It was the sweetest thing ever!  Those little rascals may cause our hair to fall out, but when they play so well together it warms our hearts.  =)

Here are some pictures I took of the rascals this year!

Btw….this was the first time in almost 6 months that I held a dslr in my hands! Felt sooooo good!  Oh how I’ve missed you!!

This year, Jacob wanted to be Mike the Knight.  Oh, the influence of television!  I miss the days where I could pick his costume…aka the days of Nacho Libre! IMG_0008

Because Jacob wanted to be a knight…..we had to find him a dragon to slay!




Slayed!!! IMG_0095

Now who’s this cute little bumble bee??


The little ones hanging out


The stubborn dragon who wanted to pull the wagonIMG_0122

I think this little dragon’s pretty cute though.  Feisty for sure.  But cute. IMG_0114

Last picture of the posse.  Best I could get. IMG_0042

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Happy 7th Anniversary!

I just reread this old post from 3 years ago and I died.  haha why is my husband so cheesy?


You know I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much, right?  =)

In memory of our 7th, I will write a conversation we had yesterday:

Paul: Why are girls so catty?
Cindy: I’m not catty!
Paul: I said girls!
Cindy: What are you saying??? I’m a girl!!
Paul: You’re more like a boy. That’s why I married you. (big grin on face)
Cindy: I always knew you were a little gay.


And here are some photos of the two of us from looooong ago.  From the days of being skinny, young, and childless.

 When it was just the two of us…and we had shooting wars in our little apartment…467_8308

Competition to see who could shoot the other person’s face.  I won. 467_8309

Oh how young we look!!!  This was in New York during the fall…when I thought he was going to propose.  He didn’t.  Punk. 446_4694

gorgeous NY scenery.  One of our favorite trips before marriage. 447_4702

In Mexico.  The day he almost killed me.  He flipped the ATV over and I almost died.  I still married him. IMG_0268

Our favorite thing to do on my birthdays…waverunning!  Dolphins surrounding us….so magical.


Exactly 7 years ago.  A Beautiful Day. 00232


TV Whore

Quick update on what’s been happening with my work and schooling.

My boss was gracious enough to let me work part time again this year.  Basically, I work/teach from 7-12 pm every day.  However, instead of going home after teaching I now have to complete 600 hours of fieldwork to finish my masters program.  This means that I stay and work with a counselor in the office to complete my hours (I work for free).  So far, it’s been going well.  I’ve been a classroom teacher for 10 years and now that I’m in the office, it’s very enlightening to see what the administrators have to deal with.  It’s a learning curve for sure!   I have been enjoying my fieldwork but I must say that it is quite tiring.  I feel like I am working two jobs.  With classes 3 days a week in the evenings, I’m barely afloat.  “One day at a time…one day at a time” is my mantra.   Props to my husband for hanging in there with me!

Well, I’m happy to say that I am almost done with the first year of my program!  In a month I’ll have a nice winter break from classes until they resume in January.  In the meantime, more papers, readings, and exams!

Now, God is good.  He’s SO good to me.

Working part time only allows me to do a few hours a day in the afternoon and 600 hours of fieldwork could easily take me a year to finish.  600 hrs!!

You see, we also had to hire a nanny to compensate for me working full time hours.  And with that comes money going out the wahzoo.  I’m still getting paid part-time and the sight of our savings slowly disappearing is not pleasant at all.

Well…..He always provides doesn’t He?

The counselor that I am doing my hours with is going on maternity leave soon.  They have asked me to be the intern counselor while she is gone for the majority of the year.  I hesitated at first because I was so scared that I would do a horrible job.  In the end, everyone convinced me that it would be a great learning experience.  Plus, I would finish my hours in no time!!!

So I accepted!  Starting in November, I will be the counselor at my school!

and here’s the better news.   My principal told me that I would only receive my part-time pay even though I would be working full time as a counselor.  Since I needed to complete my hours anyways, I’d be doing this pro-bono.   I didn’t care as long as I could complete my hours quickly!  Well, I was recently told by the district office that they made it work so that I could receive 100% pay!  Yippeee!!!  This will help us out so much!!

Praise to God!  Totally undeserved.  He always provides…..so why do I worry and doubt?

Now, going back to the title of this blog….

In the midst of lesson planning, grading, attending class, writing papers, creating presentations, etc….I have been looking forward to October for a long time.  This is going to be a GREAT month!!!

Why, you ask?

Because of these….




The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Poster Art - Frank Ockenfels/AMC

and this…


Allegiant comes out this month!  Whoo hoo!  Shout out to my fellow Divergent lovers, Christina and Susan!  SO excited for the movie to come out next year!!!!

This book series is very similar to The Hunger Games.  However, I like this series so much more……oh Tobias.  Hot, hot Four.

Hi, my name is Cheendy and I am a TV/Book whore.

Can’t wait to whore-it this month.

Ame is O-N-E!

Ame is ONE!   Actually, she’s 13 months now…


Five things I have learned about my daughter in the past 13 months:

1.  She will be short.
Yes, sadly she is a little mini-me.  Long torso and very short legs.  20% in height and 30% in weight.  Thank goodness she’s not a boy.

2.  She loves to laugh
This girl can laugh.  Like gaffaw-laugh.  She’s been laughing since she was less than a month old.  She finds humor in everything…when we discipline her, when she does something wrong, when she sees her brother, etc.  One time, she was watching tv and started giggling at a funny part.  Paul and I were so shocked!  What one-year old understands humor???

3.  She has major separation anxiety
Have you seen a leech before?  A real leech?  A leech ain’t got nothin’ on my girl.  This little one has major suction ability.  If I’m about to hand her off to anyone, she suctions herself to every part of my body.  Oh, and she will wail and screech like I’m about to abandon her for the rest of her life.

4.  She gives the best hugs.
You know, the ones where she positions her head perfectly on your shoulder and snuggles and molds into your body?  Yeah.  Those.

5.  She loves her brother like none-other.
I mentioned this before but these two have such a special connection.  I specifically remember learning and seeing Jacob parallel play with other kids until he was at least 3 years old.  Not this one.  Ame and Jacob play WITH each other all the time.  Their favorite pastime is to go into my room and throw themselves on and off the bed, cover each other with blankets, and yank every single book off the bookshelves.  Nowadays I have to separate these two because they cause so much trouble together!  Rascals!

* has 8 teeth and is sprouting 4 more (molars and canines)
* loves noodles, yogurt, bap and geem, bananas, strawberries, and whatever the hell everyone else is eating
* loves umma the most (yessssss!!! and noooooooo! )
* curly blonde-brown hair
* green/hazel eyes
* loves being outside
* her favorite object is her blanket
* loves to read
* took 3 steps but is not walking
* can throw objects pretty far
* throws the biggest tantrums I’ve ever seen
* is super demanding and will yell “umma” and “appa” while pointing at us

This girl will always find her little corner and start “reading” her books.  Keeps her busy for quite a while!  I love my little bookworm!IMG_4243

Ame-girl, your dad told me tonight that he’s so happy he has a little girl.  He thinks that you and I are exactly alike.  Same looks and same strong personality.  Although I should take offense, I secretly love it.  I love that you’re a mini-me!  You really are a little sassy girl and I know that you are ready to rule the world!  I can see how observant you are.  You learn things so quickly and just “get it.”  Your dad and I pray every day that your teen years will be calm.  We pray hard.  You are loved by so many people, you lucky girl.  We can’t wait to see what this next year brings.  Continue to grow up healthy and strong, our little Ame-girl!

Our little family


My Ame MMT_8880v

My favorite picture of these two


Gonna rule the world….naked.


Here’s a video of J and A messing around

And a video of my headstrong girl.  Paul’s taking a ddong and she wants in.  She and I have a verbal sparring match.

Jacob’s teacher made me cry

Jacob made me cry today.  Or rather, Jacob’s teacher made me cry today.

Today was parent orientation at Jacob’s preschool.  It starts with the orientation in the morning and ends with story time.

Last year, I was able to attend the orientation and story time because I was on maternity leave.  This year, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to the orientation but wanted to try to make it to story time.

I failed.  I had to pick up the baby after work and got there 5 minutes before it was over.

I entered the class and saw parents sitting with their child on the rug.  Then I saw Jacob sitting quietly by himself, listening to the story.  He saw me and I saw his eyes light up.  He ran up to me and said, “Umma!  Where were you?  I was looking all over for you.  I was so sad you weren’t here and I was all alone.”

My son is a little dramatic………I know.  But it still BROKE my heart.

Me:  “Jacob, I tried to get here as fast as I could. I am SO sorry I couldn’t come sooner.”
Jacob: “That’s ok, umma.  Hiiiiiii Ame-GIRL!!”

Ok, how cute is that?  Just like that….forgiven.  (probably not forgotten)

Almost made me cry.

Then as we were leaving, the teacher passed out some artwork and said to me, “Jacob is the best helper.  He’s always helping me and the other kids.  He could seriously be the class leader every.single.day.”

I said a quick “thank you” and raced out the door before the tears started pouring out.

At that moment, I felt something I had never felt before.  You see, this was the first time that a teacher has ever said anything nice about Jacob.  EVER.

I immediately thought, “Did she confuse my son with someone else?”

I know.  You’re probably thinking, “What kind of crappy mom thinks that??”

Well, you see…..my son is crazy.  He is so active, hyper, and hard-headed.  We had such a hard time with him.  When we drop him off at school or at church, Paul and I always have to warn Jacob to be a good boy.  And then when we pick him up, we’re always so nervous about what the teacher is going to say.  Usually, it’s not good.  “Jacob was really crazy today” or  “Jacob wasn’t paying attention” is what we usually hear.  Sigh.

And of course, Paul and I would have a pity party and blame ourselves.

You can’t help but blame yourselves as parents.  I think I convince myself that I’m a bad mother at least 10 times a week.

I feel guilty for not being able to stay at home with my kids and entrusting them with others.
I’m a bad mother because Jacob never had consistent discipline.
I feel guilty for enjoying my work.
I’m a bad mother for feeling so tired after work and not spending enough quality time with my kids.
I’m a bad mother for not being able to attend all his events at school.

The list can go on and on. Even when others tell you that you’re a great mother and that you’re doing your best….it still stings.

Today was so……nice.  Amazing what words can do.

I shouldn’t have to hear it from others in order to realize that my son is a good kid and that I’m lucky to be his mother.  I know I’m lucky.  I need to remember that instead of dwelling on all the negatives.  I love my son.  He may be super crazy and hyper but he’s also super sweet and sensitive.  In this past year alone I’ve seen him mature into a young boy.   He always shares his toys and plays with his sister.  He endures tired parents and a crazy little sister.  He’s so thoughtful when it comes to our family.  Jacob and Ame have this connection that leave Paul and I flabbergasted.  They both “get” each other and have a connection that only siblings can have.  Just seeing them play together cracks me up because of how well they understand each other.

I never ask them to hold hands.  Ame always extends her hand to him and Jacob always takes it.


Goofing around


Sharing the little crab pool  IMG_0675

On the first day of summer school


My favorite instagram pic of the two


I hope these two kiddos know that although I might not be there 24/7……I love them, I love them, I love them.


Amelia’s Splash Bash!

Oy vey!  Has it really been that long since I’ve blogged??  The last time I had an update about Ame, she was 7 months old!   Sorry kid #2.  The last 5 months of your life were not documented and although I should feel really bad…..I don’t.   I’m tired, yo!

So baby girl is now O-N-E.  This past year flew by and my little, sweet, precious, quiet baby girl is no more.  Now we have a rambunctious, opinionated, and mischievous little girl!

We had a small birthday party with church friends to celebrate the occasion!  Since she’s a summer baby, we decided to have the party outdoors.  It was perfect because all of Ame’s friends had older siblings that were Jacob’s age.

Splash Pad fun on a hot, summer day! MMT_9063


With the help of some of my closest and dearest friends, we were able to set up a dessert head table.


Thank you to my dear friend, Sooki for the amazing banner and logos! She designed all the paper goods to match the watermelon theme!


Some details of the party.  ALL of this was gifted to us by dear friends!  I didn’t do a thing!

partycollege1Cake and cupcakes made by my coworker.

Watermelon agua fresca made by Scancy eemo and Uncle David! It was so delicious and refreshing!


These macarons were gone in a minute! (Thanks a lot, Christina and Nancy!!  Eesh!!) =P


Absolutely died over these cookies!  Made by my coworker, Lolo’s Bake Shop!


Hired a taco man who just so happens to be our neighbor!  His tacos and bacon wrapped hot dogs were delicious!  Also had taiwanese-shaved ice but didn’t get a picture of it.


Little bucket favors for the little kids…filled with snacks and a watermelon tank top!


little watermelon hairclips for the baby girls


and water guns for the older kids!


Here’s my little rascal of a son trying to spray the camera!


Overall, I hope everyone had a good time.  It was a little get-together with close friends and we hope it was relaxing and fun for all!  So blessed to have so many friends who love our kids!  Thank you for celebrating Ame’s birthday with us!


This kid can be funny when he wants to be.  I think he makes me laugh at least once a day from something he says. Most of the time it’s unintentional humor but I love seeing the workings of his brain!!


Jacobism #1
Scenario: (he’s cooking in his play kitchen and brings me a platter of food)

Jacob:  Umma, I made you some machee.
Me: What’s “machee?”
Jacob: Mac and cheese! It’s too long to say so now it’s “machee.”
Me: You’re brilliant.


Jacobism #2
Scenario: Just woke up in the morning

Jacob: Appa!!!! Uh oh! Something’s getting bigger. My kochu is getting bigger!”

(Paul and I DIED!!! hahahaha)


Jacobism #3
Scenario: We asked Jacob to tell us what he learned in Sunday school this past week.

Me:  What was the story about, Jacob?
Jacob:  Three men visited baby Jesus and brought presents.
Me:  What kind of presents?
Jacob:  A stroller.


I wish I could remember the countless other funny things he’s recently said.  He can be quite the funny boy!!!  Let’s just hope your shenanigans don’t carry over into school, ok son?  =P

Ame’s Lovey

I love this video of Ame because it shows her doing two things:

1) Playing:  She learned a few weeks ago how to stack her donuts.  It’s the cutest thing.  She also tries to put the cap onto her bottles and also holds the toy phone to her ear.   Amazes me to see her growing and learning so fast!

2) Loving her blankie:  Jacob was never attached to a blanket.  His lovey was always his trains.  He carried them everywhere and sleeps with them to this day.  Ame, on the other hand, LOVES her blanket.  She has to have it with her when she sleeps.  She immediately grabs it when it’s in her vicinity and then starts sticking her little tongue in n out like she’s licking her lips.  Paul and I noticed her doing this every time she grabbed her blanket.  I’ve been wanting to capture her little tongue on video and I finally did!

Video password:  charlietango

This little girl kills me with her cuteness.  She’s definitely got all of us wrapped around her fat finger.

Oh Ame girl….we love how happy you are!

Funny bone

I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  Partly because I’m tired and lazy.  And partly because my dslr broke!!  Bah!!!  I am devastated and am hoping that my camera can be fixed.  I haven’t taken any decent pictures of the kids in a few months and I’m itching to hold my camera in my hands again.  =(


So this post is really useless but I just wanted to share something that happened at work.

(I’m already starting to giggle like an immature schoolgirl just replaying it in my head.  I may be the only one that thinks this is funny.  I apologize in advance.)  =P

Scenario at work:  The students are learning about the organ system and a student is not sure what system the “femur” is in.

I said, “Well, it’s a bone.  So what system would that be in?”

Her answer……”reproductive.”

I don’t think she was trying to be funny, but I really giggled inside.

I’m still giggling.